Why security matters in a housing society?

Housing Societies gained popularity in the Pakistan & abroad due to the fact that they offer state of the art amenities in a safe and secure environment. That’s what made the common man choose living in housing society over living anywhere else.

People can buy land and build houses in any residential area then why is it that Pakistanis prefer living in a housing society? the reason is simple they love to live in an area where life thrives amidst secure environment.

Security is one of the core reasons which make people choose to live in Housing Societies. So it is obvious if a housing society doesn’t offer proper security many people won’t consider living in such a society as it doesn’t fulfill the fundamental reason for people to live in the housing society.

Security doesn’t just mean bunch of security guards who keep looking at people but it means a holistic system of security. A holistic security system includes:

  • Walled & gated community.
  • CCTV’s in the society monitored from main security room.
  • Patrolling guards for patrolling who are in communication with main security room.
  • Secure entrance & exit.
  • Guards at entrance & exit to ensure only residents get in from resident side & visitors are allowed entry only after they submit a copy of identity document and the numbers of their vehicles are also kept in record.

These security measures give residents a safe, secure and serene environment in which they love to live their life. This feeling of living in a gated space where only the residents come in and go gives residents a sense of exclusivity which they simply love. These security measures make housing societies crime free and a safe space for people to truly live and enjoy life.

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