Syed Rehan Bin Waris Gillani

Mr Syed Rehan Gillani is the Chairman of Grand City, Kharian. The housing scheme where he brought his visionary and exotic lifestyle to the residents of Kharian. And a profitable opportunity for investors and business owners.

He established a luxury environment with top-of-the-range residential and commercial facilities.


It has almost been eight years since we started working in the property sector of District Gujrat. Kharian, despite being the wealthiest tehsil of Pakistan, was deprived of any international standard housing. Since many people in the area are expatriates who are settled in Europe, America, and the Middle East, there was a wide gap between their living standard and what they could afford that needed to be addressed to sustain a bond of the new generation with their homeland.

Grand City aims to do this precisely with its meticulously planned, proficiently executed, and captivating housing opportunities for the residents of Kharian. We are looking forward to seeing our name among the most prestigious names in Pakistan’s real estate sector.

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