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Grand City is making Pakistan proud.


Grand City’s journey in real estate sector of Pakistan has been absolutely phenomenal so far. Today, Grand city is making headlines all over Pakistan for its great location & facilities.

The owners & the management of Grand City have the vision to build a society like no other. They wish to provide the residents with a sense of safety, privacy, and peace through this gated community.

The long-lasting structures and graceful designs of Grand City will provide our residents with an international standard of living. Grand City continues to inspire and excite people all over Pakistan with its splendid infrastructure & design.

Grand City is a privately-owned project by Syed Rehan Bin Waris Gillani and Syed Salman Bin Waris Gillani. The strong financial foundation of Grand City will ensure that this project can expand significantly, while its impeccable standards are setting new benchmarks of quality.


Grand City is a highly secure place for both residential and commercial developments.

Grand City’s impressive portfolio includes residential houses, a commercial business center, luxury residential apartments & townhomes.

Grand City Kharian, is a project of Eurobiz Corporation, one of the leading companies in construction and development. It was acquired on 27th Nov 2013. Since then, it has been a symbol of excellence and pride for Kharian, Sarai Alamgir.

This fast-growing housing scheme renders opportunities for a better future for residents, investors, and business owners alike. This rapidly developing architectural giant is a gateway to success and development, constructed with a top-notch planning, state-of-the-art structure and design. Grand City is setting a new benchmark for everyone in the construction & development industry.


Vision: The term “impossible” is irrelevant to us. We believe in providing solutions that create visible positive differences in life, not just to an elite class but also to all social factions of society. Hence, we aspire to change the face of real estate in Pakistan by combining the best practices of architecture with low-cost housing solutions.

We envision a redeveloped Pakistan by replacing old, and dilapidated structures with multistoried buildings equipped with the latest global technologies and yet within the financial reach of every social class.

Mission: Our mission is to uplift the living experience for the residents of Gujrat and its neighboring cities to a luxurious one they deserve. We are going to offer a lifestyle according to western standards in their homeland. We want to provide them with the security and comfortable lifestyle of a gated community with the best facilities and astonishing amenities.


Architecture is the foundation of any great housing project. We can proudly say that we have used the most modern architectural designs at Grand City Kharian. The best foreign architects have worked on designing all developments in the Grand City Kharian. We have placed a precise focus on using the best materials in all the buildings of the society. Grand City’s drainage system is so good that no rainwater stays on the roads, no matter how much it rains. Grand City has built the most sustainable architecture, which is hard to find anywhere else in Pakistan.


Living and raising the kids in an environment that is closer to nature is everyone’s dream. That is the environment Grand City provides its residents with, to give them an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle, while they can still enjoy the city’s convenience. In the heart of Punjab’s Gujrat district and on the main GT road, Grand City is a housing scheme that offers exotic, eye-catching landscapes with modern and inviting lifestyle. Grand City, Kharian, is the perfect opportunity for you to secure your future.

Grand City Kharian, serves as a prime location for anyone looking to enjoy the peaceful aspect of nature, while still being close to the city.


We are stepping forward to contemporary housing technologies available in the leading countries that are rarely experienced in Pakistan. The amusing advancements, such as a security alarm system installed in every home for an instant response from our patrolling guards, unparalleled buildings with the latest designs that you can’t resist staring at, modern sewerage with advanced suction facility and a drainage system that will make it impossible for water to stay on the roads and streets. Those visions are some of glimpses of our futuristic goals.


It is a land full of wonders, peaceful, serene, and natural ambience with many happenings and festivities that are hard to get anywhere else. The events calendar of Grand City is available on our official website and social media pages. Religious festivities, patriotic celebrations, sports functions, musical concerts, spring festivals, bonfires, and many other events are just some of the activities that keep our residents happily engaged.


From Ravi to Rawat, Sukkur to Swat, and Jhelum to Gujrat, you will not find such a spectacle. This mega project is known as Address 544. It is a sight no less than a reverie. It will attract anyone who has a vision to grow, who has an eye to recognize the beauty and who knows what magnificence is all about.

Address 544 twin towers will have a hotel inside, a commercial area for businesses, and it will also have residential apartments, including luxury penthouses. Grand City is planning to make the towers modern and a sight as good as possible for the people of Pakistan.


A Grand Square Mall will be built in the Grand City Kharian to ensure shopping needs of all the residents are met. The Grand Square Mall will have all the high-end shops of world-known brands. It will also have cinemas, fitness clubs, and food courts. The mall ensures that the residents get the best living experience and allows people of Kharian to shop from the grandest shopping mall in the region & enjoy its numerous facilities, like food courts & fitness clubs.

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